Private Moon Studios?

Although the translation may sound a bit strange in Hungarian, Private Moon Studios has been a renowned name in our country for decades. In 2023 the company is exactly 30 years old, and we thought it deserved a new profile to light up our flagged moon on this special occasion.

It started out as Pierrot’s music production company, working with many popular musicians of the time, like Ganxsta Zolee, Rémember, O.J. Sámson, Toys of Ancient Gods and others.

It then became an editorial office for computer game magazines, and eventually a development studio for Pierrot’s own computer games (the AGON series, Yoomurjak’s Ring, Miazma and others). At the same time, a division of the company ran a record label of the same name.

Now that Pierrot has recently been focusing on board game design, we have decided to make board game publishing our new line of business and become the publisher of his own creations in the country and abroad.

Cuvée is our first choice.

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