Caravanserai: a first glimpse of our next game

A unique event took place in Budapest this weekend: Hungary’s largest boardgaming Facebook group held its 10th anniversary meeting, with all the major publishers and designers present, including, of course, Pierrot and Private Moon Studios. This was the first time the audience had the chance to try out our delightful new family game Caravanserai, which will be released in March (in Hungarian and English). We had lots of positive feedback!

Cuvée first edition sold out

We are delighted to announce that the first release of Cuvée is completely sold out! Judging by the positive feedback we have received, we can safely say that no one is regretting their purchase. For those who missed out, the second (unchanged) edition is already on its way and will be available in the stores and here in our webshop at the end of February/beginning of March.

But there is more. The eagerly awaited English version will arrive with the same shipment. It will be offered primarily to customers abroad, but we have also received several enquiries from companies wishing to offer Cuvée as a gift to their partners. It will soon be available in the webshop!

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