The art of crafting a great wine.

Once the decision was made, Pierrot carried out the final tests with the prototype of Cuvée, and the artist Laci Falvay prepared the components for printing. In the meantime, we began to look for a manufacturer.

Although we had been determined to work with a local Hungarian printer, in the end it proved to be more efficient to choose another solution. And we chose Whatz Games. Their highly professional team exceeded all expectations!

The boxes will arrive by air and train from China.

Our Cuvée hits the shelves of the largest Hungarian wine distributor!

We are proud to announce a long-term partnership between Private Moon Studios and the largest Hungarian wine trading company Bortársaság.

Bortársaság will offer Cuvée in their wine shops and promote it in their online store. In return, we will give the most loyal fans of the game an annual Bortársaság membership card, as well as a promotional pack of Cuvée expansion cards made by Pierrot for this special purpose.

Wine is the answer

Cuvée has been around in prototype for many years, matured through hundreds of playtests. And we have received nothing but positive feedback lately.

The game has been tested not only by professional game testers, but also by hardcore gamers, winemakers and wine experts. Many people came back with promising comments like “I know what strategy I’d try next – if the others would let me”. These experience tests encouraged us to choose Cuvée as our first own publication.

Furthermore, Cuvée is a game specifically designed for experienced players. As such, it has always been outside the focus of local publishers, who, for obvious reasons, are looking for games that appeal to a wider audience.

However, we are confident that gamers appreciate this type of games. Also, we fell in love with Laszlo Falvay’s artwork, which makes Cuvé even more special.

Isn’t there a really good wine making game out there?

Laszlo (Laci) Falvay, the artist behind Cuvée, had previously worked on a number of Pierrot’s productions, including the artwork for his music albums and his PC adventure game series AGON. Since then, Laci has become a well-known PR professional and also a wine expert. And yet, although an enthusiastic board game fan, he had a dislike for the wine-themed games available on the market.

So, together they decided to buy and play all the wine-making games that counted. The picture became more balanced, but the challenge remained: create the ideal winemaking simulator game! Pierrot got to work – and his artist friend was so pleased with the result that he immediately offered to create the artwork and graphics for the game. Cuvée was born.

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